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Top Resources for PR and Communications Freelancers

public relations Jun 23, 2020

A career in Public Relations is tough. A career in Public Relations by yourself, is even tougher. Nobody to bounce ideas off of, or get that second set of eyes. There’s nobody to ask about billing questions, or simply get a gut check on if a pitch is good or not. On top of all of this, you have to make sure you are filling the pipeline and sourcing jobs as client contracts end. 

The good news is that there are support and resources everywhere if you know where to look. Where do the top PR and Communications professionals go when they need support? Or, when they need contract work? 

Here are my top resources:

Facebook Communities


Membership Communities

Slack Channels

LinkedIn Groups

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5 Ways Guest Posting Can Grow Your PR Business and Get You More Contract Jobs

public relations Jun 15, 2020

Whether it’s just you or a small agency; it’s crucial to establish yourself as a go-to PR resource for brands. Word of mouth, advertising, and former client referrals help. To get massive authority and credibility as a PR executive, you need to get published and share your knowledge. 

Getting published can have a significant effect on your brand, encourage new levels of innovation and make you stand out in the market. One way to do this is to write guest posts for important and authoritative websites. Often known as bylined articles or contributed articles, guest posts are written by you and are intended to provide a vendor-neutral viewpoint. 

Here are the benefits of guest posting, to help you build your PR business and get you more contract jobs:

  1. Build Credibility + Awareness. Remember you are speaking to the reader by talking about things that interest them or that they have questions about. After seeing your byline, readers can look for more on you...
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