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This blog is geared towards brands looking to learn about PR, and PR professionals looking to keep up to date on the latest PR trends and news

The Difference Between a Press Release and a Pitch

public relations Aug 16, 2023

In today's fast-paced media environment, getting noticed in the right circles can be a challenging task. For PR professionals, garnering media coverage is crucial to building brand recognition and credibility. Two of the most common methods used to generate buzz are press releases and pitches. While they may appear similar at first glance, these two approaches have distinct differences in their purpose, structure and execution. 

A press release is a formal written document that provides the necessary information to journalists and media outlets about an upcoming event or development. This information is formulated to be as objective as possible and includes all the essential details of the story such as who, what, when, where, and why. Press releases are often distributed through news outlets and are designed to reach a large audience. They are considered resource documents.

Conversely, a pitch is a personalized message directed toward a specific journalist with the aim of...

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How Much Should You Be Paying Your PR Freelancer?

business public relations May 26, 2023

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may have considered hiring a freelance PR professional to help you build your brand and increase your visibility. In such a competitive industry, finding a PR Freelancer that best suits your needs can be difficult. How do you know who to choose? How much should you pay them? How do you know what is considered "good?" There are so many questions! 

In this blog, let’s focus on how to determine the costs of such services, once you have found a good match. Freelancers may charge anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour but the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as the cost depends on a variety of factors, including their experience, location, and the scope of the project. Additionally, it is not solely up to you to determine this rate – the professional will come in with their expected compensation. This is simply a benchmark for you to understand their fees.


According to a survey conducted by the Freelancers...

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The Power of Emerging AI Technology in PR- and How to Use It

public relations Feb 16, 2023

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public relations industry has become a hot topic as brands look to leverage their existing technology investments with this emerging tool. It seems like every day, we hear about how AI is ‘revolutionizing’ various industries—and it can be intimidating. 

The two AI copywriting platforms that everyone seems to be talking about lately are ChaptGPT and JasperAI. These AI-powered applications have been lauded for their affordable cost and user-friendliness, as well as their ability to generate quality content almost instantly. But the power of AI goes beyond content generation, and can assist PR teams with tasks like data analysis and customer service. Read on to learn just how these applications are revolutionizing the PR world. 

Automated Software

AI technology has already begun to shape how PR professionals do their jobs. More and more companies are relying on automated software to handle tedious tasks....

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Why Influencers are Crucial to your PR Strategy & How to Find The Right Ones

If you're looking to put your PR strategy in the fast lane, building a strong relationship with influencers should be at the top of your priority list. From major-league brands to locally owned businesses, almost any organization can improve their standing with the help of influential partners, so it is important to know how and why these relationships should be forged. Read on to learn more about leveraging this powerful toolset--and how it could turbocharge your business model! 

As a PR pro, you know that finding the right influencers for your brand requires an in-depth look at their platform and audience. Being successful at influencer marketing isn't just about throwing money in the direction of celebrity accounts with millions of followers - it's also important to consider smaller, more specialized audiences. By conducting a landscape analysis and gaining an understanding who is making waves within your industry, you'll be one step closer towards finding the ideal fit for...

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The Top 5 Intake Questions to Ask Potential Clients

business public relations Dec 12, 2022

Clients across the board may be eager to start working with you – but do you want to work with them? As we PR professionals know, there are a handful of things that need to be in order with a client’s business before the business is actually ready for PR. To be sure you are setting yourself (and the client) up for success, here are the top 5 qualifying intake questions you’ll want to ask your client.  

1. What are your goals for using PR? Like any marketing strategy, it is important for clients to identify their company goals. Otherwise, how will you know where to start? If your client is unsure about their expectations, start by probing for their ‘pain points.’ By getting your client thinking about the issues they’ve already run into with their business, you can properly assess their needs (and not make the same mistakes again!). Every company requires a different approach, so be sure to consider whether your skill set meets their goals...

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How PR Can Support Different Business Functions

business public relations Nov 08, 2022

Public Relations holds a unique power - it’s one business unit that truly supports every other business function within an organization. From sales to engineering, PR serves as a necessary link connecting a company’s work with the right audience for their product or service. It can be important to pinpoint exactly how PR is supporting each business function to maximally extract the benefits. Here are the different ways that Public Relations can support your business development, sales, marketing, and engineering plans.

Business Development

  • Generating Brand Awareness - leads to easier sales: As you know by now, effective PR increases brand awareness. Whether you are trying to drum up more customers or build partnerships, having an already aware audience is a great starting point. Consumers are more likely to trust and invest in familiar brands and likewise, partners, investors, customers, and influencers almost always prefer companies who have already established a...
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Why You Should Incorporate Social Media Into Your PR Plan

 The age of the internet has permanently changed the landscape of public relations. Social media and PR are no longer separate entities, but rather building blocks that work together to produce stellar results. Specifically, social media can help you craft a PR campaign that will grow your brand awareness and help you stay competitive in the industry. Here are three ways to incorporate social media into your PR plan, along with how to get the most bang for your buck out of these online platforms. 

#1 Social Media Allows you to Easily Track Results

With every like, comment, and follow digitally monitored, there are seemingly endless ways to track brand awareness and growth on your company social media account. It’s just a matter of interpreting those statistics to build a killer action plan.  


When you use a hashtag on Twitter, your content becomes linked to all of the other tweets that include the same tag, which allows your followers to easily...

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How to talk to the C-Suite about Public Relations

business public relations Aug 31, 2022

The majority of PR professionals will tell you: public relations can be difficult to explain to the c-suite, or other business executives. It’s often nuanced, layered with soft skills, and doesn’t always have the most linear measurement to track progress. The frustrating part is that it does have the capacity to create massive business impact. 

So oftentimes, PR professionals are tasked with not only having to first sell executives on the value of PR, but then follow that up with tangible results. Not surprising, it’s also difficult to build rapport with the C-Suite themselves as a new hire. They are busy people and too commonly, executive management's primary point of contact with the PR team is during crisis management. Consider the ways that you could build a more consistent relationship with management, whether that be regular meetings or monthly reports. You’ll need to prove your PR approach is worth the C-Suite’s investment both financially...

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How to Land a Content Writing Job

content public relations Jul 21, 2022

Like any job, snagging a good content writing gig requires dedication, practice, and wherewithal. There are seemingly endless content writing opportunities available online, but it is tricky to know where to start. Keep reading to learn how to stand out as an applicant and what it takes to prepare for the job. 

Writing Style

Many employers are seeking writers with strong stylistic voices. Companies are looking for applicants who can not only maintain brand tone, but elevate and enhance it. Content writers are expected to succinctly present their given material, no matter how dense it may be when it arrives on their desk (or to their inbox!). Translating complicated material in a strong yet simple manner is a major goal of the job. 

It is crucial to fit your writing style to the task at hand. Quality writing is clear, concise, and captivating. Focus on the message you are trying to convey and how you might have your interest piqued if you were the customer. We work with...

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Team Building in a Work-From-Home Environment

business public relations Jun 16, 2022

Working from home has a lot of benefits, like maintaining a flexible schedule or relaxed dress code. But when work teams have only met through a Zoom meeting or email chain, it can be difficult to build a tight-knit, collaborative, and supportive dynamic. When a company builds a strong, trustworthy team, productivity can skyrocket.  

Here are a few ways you can cultivate those relationships, near or far. 


Encourage your coworkers to get to know each other past the bare minimum required for work. Check in with each other! Sharing a high and low of your day, what keurig coffee cup you’re sipping, or vacation plans for the weekend instill a sense of community and camaraderie. We work best with those we know– not strangers! 

This can be done in a few different ways. One idea is to set up a “good news” channel on whatever messaging platform your company uses. This can serve as a space for employees to share personal, family, or work...

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