With PR Professionals across 10 countries, 12 timezones and 8 industries, we are confident you will find your PR match - full time or simply for a project.

Are you a startup with a new app or service to launch - but don't want to hire a full service PR firm?

Do you need content written? Guest posts, website copy or blogs? 

Do you work at a PR Agency and have a Supervisor or Director going on maternity leave?

Did you secure a new client (yes!) in your PR consultancy, but have zero bandwidth?

Do you need a PR specialist for a specific client ask or just one launch?

Are you with an Advertising +Marketing Agency and have a client who needs PR support for a campaign?

You need a PR Professional.

One that is credible, with the right experience. One that is trusted.

How it works

  • Companies/agencies/startups submit their request. Media Relations, Content Creation, Strategy, Messaging, Social name it.
  • Every Friday a list goes out to nearly 1,000 (growing nearly 100% MOM) public relations freelancers, with experience across all different industries. Typical applicants have anywhere from 3-20 years of experience, for a variety of needs.
  • Upon the list going out, businesses generally start receiving relevant applications within 4-5 hours.
  • Business (you) work directly with the PR freelancer to discuss scope and budget.

"I am always on the hunt for top PR/media talent to refer to our portfolio companies. We had an opening for a luxury consumer health product that I listed on Contract PR Jobs that immediately resulted in several qualified candidates. The project is now complete and the company was very pleased with her results - I will be a reoccurring user.""

- BookSavvyPR, Emily Adams

"After advertising our job on your list we got great responses and ALSO a huge influx of new clients! Wow - that newsletter really pulled in the best!! We got exactly the right candidates for the job by using your newsletter. Thanks again! "

Eniac Ventures, Caitlin Regan

59% of employers would rate their remote workers as above average

According to the TSheet's Remote Working Report, remote workers are more productive than those who work traditionally.

Full Time? Consultant?

Whether you are looking for a full-time or project based PR professional, we have you covered.


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