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Why Influencers are Crucial to your PR Strategy & How to Find The Right Ones

If you're looking to put your PR strategy in the fast lane, building a strong relationship with influencers should be at the top of your priority list. From major-league brands to locally owned businesses, almost any organization can improve their standing with the help of influential partners, so it is important to know how and why these relationships should be forged. Read on to learn more about leveraging this powerful toolset--and how it could turbocharge your business model! 

As a PR pro, you know that finding the right influencers for your brand requires an in-depth look at their platform and audience. Being successful at influencer marketing isn't just about throwing money in the direction of celebrity accounts with millions of followers - it's also important to consider smaller, more specialized audiences. By conducting a landscape analysis and gaining an understanding who is making waves within your industry, you'll be one step closer towards finding the ideal fit for...

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