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AI Technology in PR

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public relations industry has become a hot topic as brands look to leverage their existing technology investments with this emerging tool. It seems like every day, we hear about how AI is ‘revolutionizing’ various industries—and it can be intimidating.

The two AI copywriting platforms that everyone seems to be talking about lately are ChaptGPT and JasperAI. These AI-powered applications have been lauded for their affordable cost and user-friendliness, as well as their ability to generate quality content almost instantly. But the power of AI goes beyond content generation, and can assist PR teams with tasks like data analysis and customer service. Read on to learn just how these applications are revolutionizing the PR world.

Automated Software

AI technology has already begun to shape how PR professionals do their jobs. More and more companies are relying on automated software to handle tedious tasks. When automated software can quickly and accurately analyze data that would otherwise take days or weeks, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this tool? Utilizing automated software can help PR teams maintain regulation compliance, reduce costs, and gather more important customer information.

One popular company in this sector is Integromat- an integration platform that allows users to visualize, design, and automate work in a matter of minutes. Zapier, a competitor, offers similar services for small businesses. There are a myriad of new automated tools ready to increase your productivity and workflow.

Customer Service

AI-powered chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in providing customer service support online. Chatbots use natural language processing algorithms to respond to customers in real time without any human intervention. As they become more intelligent over time, they can provide more personalized responses that mimic real conversations with humans. This provides customers with faster resolutions while freeing up human resources for other tasks within the company. Save money, time, and effort with AI-powered customer service agents.

Trends in Analytics

Beyond analyzing data, AI technology has the capacity to identify trends and best practices in your sector. It can be used to identify the most effective channels for delivering a message or engaging with audiences across multiple platforms. AI can help identify trends in consumer behavior, which can be beneficial for professionals to craft more effective campaigns that target specific audiences based on their interests and needs. As the technology improves, it is likely that AI will be of assistance in campaign preparation and execution, as well.

AI technology is a digital revolution that has granted PR professionals a wide array of powerful tools that can be utilized to improve customer engagement and drive overall performance. With this new landscape comes the exciting opportunity to create cutting-edge campaigns with impactful results, so get started today.