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This blog is geared towards brands looking to learn about PR, and PR professionals looking to keep up to date on the latest PR trends and news

Pre-briefs, Embargoes and Exclusives...oh my!

We know that it takes more than a press release to get headline media coverage. It's a jigsaw puzzle, and one of the pieces is media relations. Media relations is simply the act of reaching out to the media in a personalized manner. However, I wanted to quickly re-visit, breakdown and explain three different media relations strategies that clients often have questions around: pre-briefings, embargoes and exclusives. 


An exclusive is when you give your story to one media publication only, in advance of your announcement. There are pros and cons to this, since you ARE putting all of your eggs in one basket.

  • Pros: getting an exclusive is very enticing for a news outlet. It makes them feel more invested in the story and they will be able to cover news that their competitors won’t. In turn, they will likely push their editor harder to get the story to run, which increases your chances of coverage. 
  • Cons: It’s always risky to put your eggs in one...
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What it Really Takes ForĀ a PR Pro to Get Your Startup Media Coverage

businesses Jul 16, 2020

“We just need a Press Release, right?”

Attention Startups Founders: it takes more than “just” a press release to get media coverage.

A common frustration amongst PR professionals is how often they are approached by startups, founders and businesses who say “We don’t have much of a budget. We just want a press release so that the WSJ will cover us.” Sigh.

It’s time to demystify this statement - not only for the startup founders and business owners, but also to help PR professionals properly articulate their value. 

So here it is. Your PR consultant (or agency) is doing a lot more than “just” writing a press release to get you that headline media coverage. The journey from signing a contract to seeing media coverage for your company involves many laborious steps. It includes research, writing, competitive analysis and relationship building. 

Some of the steps your PR professional will take to get you media coverage...

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Why Does PR Matter for Early-Stage Startups

businesses Jun 26, 2020

Imagine if after building your startup where you spent many sleepless nights cultivating the value proposition, identifying your target audience, understanding what you were solving for, getting customer validation, pitching investors, showing how it will impact the launched. And well….

- The press stories were negative.

- The reporter compared you to your competition incorrectly.

- Your founder wasn’t even consulted for an interview.

- ...nobody wrote about you at all.

Now you have to be reactive. You go into crisis mode. You have to go and fix everything. That is 10x harder to come back from, than had you gotten ahead of the news and identified your story before anyone else. This is why PR matters early on. It allows you (the startup) to control your own narrative and story out the gate, as well as who gets to tell it. It’s important to be proactive with the press instead of reactive. This is achieved by working with PR early to create your company...

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Vet Your PR Team with These 3 Questions

businesses May 11, 2020

You have probably heard that Public Relations (PR) can help your business grow and make you money. Who doesn’t want that? However, you're not quite sure how it works, what it should cost or who is good at it.

You ask to be put in touch with a “PR professional,” this mythical creature who has relationships with the press and can supposedly get you published in all the top newspapers and magazines. It sounds awesome, and you’d love to be able to say you’ve been published.

However, where do you start? Do you know what you need PR for? Do you understand what it can do for your business? How do you know if the PR professional is good at what they do?

You don’t know what you don’t know, so here are some tips on how to have an effective conversation with a PR consultant or agency, to make sure you are getting what you need to help you reach your goals.

What can PR do for me and my business?

PR is not one size fits all. Like any business objective,...

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5 PR Mistakes That Can Lead to Crisis And How to Prevent Them

businesses Apr 01, 2020

A lot of people think that the only time you need a Public Relations team is when things are going south. While this is not true (at all), a crisis still has the potential to happen. Sometimes it is preventable, and sometimes it’s not. The good news is that there are things you can do as a business owner to prevent certain crises from happening.

This blog post shares basic tips for dealing with crisis, but also preventable PR mistakes that have the potential to lead to crisis. 

Preventable Things You Can Do To Avoid Getting Into a Crisis:

  1. Understand Your Competitive Landscape. You are always better prepared if you know what's going on around you. By being in-tune with your competition and what’s happening in the newscycle and world, you have the opportunity to create messaging and a narrative that best serves you in a positive light. Your messaging and narrative is the backbone of every piece of communication for your company, internally and...
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8 Reasons To Keep Your PR Team During Tough Times

businesses Apr 01, 2020

We are in uncertain times and unchartered territories. Everyone is feeling it personally, financially and business-wise. With a looming recession, the natural reaction as business owners is to retract into our shells, tighten up our budgets and let everything and everyone go that isn’t essential to operations. As the business owner, you may think “Well, there are no press releases to be written right now since we are not producing any news.” Or “Everyone is talking about the Pandemic and other scary worldly issues, and we are not doing anything related to that, so there’s nothing for PR to do right now.” It seems like an obvious cut, so you make the decision to let your PR team go for capital preservation.

However, consider this: your Public Relations team has a skill set that can help your business in many capacities. A PR professional has organizational skills, speaking skills, writing skills, problem-solving skills,...

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How PR Can Grow Your Business and Make You Money

businesses Mar 19, 2020

Many people don’t hire in Public Relations because they don’t understand what it is, what it can do for their business, or most importantly...what it is capable of. PR is one of the most cost-effective strategies to raise brand awareness, authority and credibility for your business, which indirectly increases sales. Cha-ching! PR complements direct marketing and advertising efforts, and helps increase your website's rank in Google so people can more readily find your business (read: great SEO)

In case you didn’t catch it earlier, here is a blog post explaining what PR is, and how it is different than marketing

PR is a top of the funnel activity that helps you grow your business. PR creates vast awareness that brings potential leads in. Leads = customers, customers = revenue and revenue = growth.

PR, like marketing, has channels. Depending on your PR objective, you implement different channels. A few examples are:

Media relations

Content creation (thought...

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5 PR Strategies That You Might be Missing Out On

businesses Mar 19, 2020

Did you know…

PR is more than simply putting out a press release for your new product, service or company?
PR can help you with a variety of different initiatives within the business, that you might not be aware of?
PR is a powerful tool for funding, hiring and becoming an authority in your space?

You may be pleasantly surprised with the different types of initiatives PR can support within your business. Here are 5 examples of ways to use PR to build your business, that you may not be aware of:

  1. New Hires. This kind of PR is fantastic for recruiting. Doing a press release, or submitting to a “People on the Move” section at your local business journal goes a long way in showing that you are growing, attracting quality talent and people want to work for you. A lot of times, if the hire is prominent in a certain industry, one of the industry publications is likely interested in following their career. And lastly, if interviewed by a reporter, they will ask you why...
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Am I Ready for PR? 5 Things to Consider

businesses Feb 27, 2020

There is a *right time* to hire PR for your business and it may not be when you think it is. Here’s a common example of a conversation that I have a lot with companies who think they are ready for public relations:

Business: “We’re ready for PR, we want to be famous - actually, we want to be in TechCrunch”

Andrea:  “Why do you want to be in TechCrunch”

Business: It’s a rite of passage!

Andrea: Are your customers reading TechCrunch?

Business: Oh um, well maybe? 

Andrea: Then why do you want to be in there?

Business: It’s TechCrunch!

Andrea: Totally, but let’s talk about why you really want this right now. 

This example is powerful because like any other marketing strategy, there has to be an objective. The whole entire point is to use PR as a top of the funnel activity to bring in leads, which will ultimately convert to sales -- so why target the wrong people off the bat?

It’s not as simple as...

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How is PR Different from Marketing?

businesses Feb 27, 2020

How is PR Different from Marketing?

This analogy always explained it best for me (and we can all relate to dating!):

 *Chase Jarvis

If a man tells his date she’s intelligent, looks lovely and is a great conversationalist, he’s saying the right things to the right person, to make her feel a certain way -- and that’s marketing. If someone else tells the young woman how handsome, smart and successful her date is (which makes her feel a certain way) — that’s PR.

In non- dating terms, here’s another analogy:

"When you see a company on a billboard – that's advertising. When you read about a company in a newspaper, magazine or online blog – that's public relations."

Do you see the difference? One is owned for. One is earned.

Marketing is focused on what you control: owned and paid channels. Think of it like the copy for your website, blog, newsletter, social media. You own that content. PR is earned, meaning that it refers to media...

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